Can Different Email Accounts Improve Your Online Security?


Even small steps help

More professional tips:

1. Make sure to keep your email address private; only share it with those who need it. You may want to forward unnecessary senders to an email account that’s set up for junk email.

2. Limit the inbound communications you sign up for, as having a less cluttered inbox makes it easier to spot sketchy email – which you should ignore, delete, and report to your email provider.

3. If you receive a suspicious, unsolicited email, don’t click the “Unsubscribe” button as you could signal to a bad actor that the email you’re replying with is valid and active, says Anscombe.

4. Be careful what you share with traders. When asked about your birthday for a gift or discount, pick a random date, says Velasquez.

5. Never pass on an authentication code sent to you. It’s only for you, but cyber criminals will invent …



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