Call of Duty’s latest measure to thwart cheaters is quite novel: making legitimate players invisible to cheaters. Developers shared with the community Ricochet’s anti-cheat system new feature called cloaking in a blog post on Tuesday.

“With cloaking, players identified as cheating may not be able to see opposing players in the game world,” said Team Ricochet. “Characters, bullets, and even sounds from legitimate players will be unrecognizable to scammers.”

However, legitimate players can still see and attack scammers. “Generally, it’s the players spinning in circles yelling, ‘Who’s shooting me?'” wrote Team Ricochet. Fair players are encouraged to “deal out in-game punishments”.

Ricochet is a kernel-level (i.e. very high access to software and applications installed on a PC) anti-cheat system that was introduced Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard‘s multiplayer when the latter launched in November. Ricochet is on the lookout for applications trying to interact with or tamper with the Call of Duty client.

The Edge remarked that while Team Ricochet has only now announced cloaking, it or some form of it has been seen in game since at least mid-February.

Team Ricochet noted that cloaking will complement another mitigation technique, Damage Shield. introduced in February. Once Ricochet with Damage Shield detects that a player is rigging the game, it disables their ability to deal critical damage to others while continuing to gather data on what they’re doing and what’s on their system.

Elsewhere, Team Ricochet said studios responsible for maintaining multiplayer leaderboards are now removing cheaters from them. Deletion occurs after “any security enforcement resulting in a player’s ban”.

The team also reported that since March 18 (when they reported that 90,000 scammers were banned this week); another 54,000 had their accounts removed. “While we may not announce all bans immediately, know that they come both daily and in waves,” said Team Ricochet.

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