Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II – A leap into the Dark Water campaign level


Chaos erupts from here: after breaking into the hut, an operator goes down and the entire platform is on high alert. A flare shoots into the sky as we pick up tactical gear and head down to the main deck where we mount a container onto the ship.

Soap and Graves eliminated everyone on board and found the missile pod on a helipad… except that it lacks controls.

Graves, radioing back to another senior officer at headquarters with information that the controls are on a ship leaving the platform, receives a stern reply:

“You have your orders, my son – stop this launch.”

We rappel back to the boatman and begin the pursuit which ends with a crash landing on the main deck leaving the entire squad bloodied but able to come to their senses. As we stand up, we find that this ship is heading for rough seas; anything that isn’t bolted or human slides around the ship.

This is just one example of campaign missions becoming more dynamic and lifelike, somewhat than the original Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® began to innovate compared to previous games. In addition to having to contend with enemy forces, players may also have to contend with the elements, e.g.

We’ll stay above sea level for this mission, but close. As we move across the boat while dodging enemy fire and being crushed by several tons of metal, we reach the waterlogged cargo hold, where a jet of water knocks a soldier down before firing the final shots.

As we reach the bridge entrance, we prepare to breach the hut with Graves…

And you will experience the rest in October.

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