It appears that someone working on the cactus props at the Super Nintendo World theme park in Universal Studios Japan accidentally built them to look exactly like some cacti that appear inside you New Super Mario Bros. Wii Fan mod. Oops!

As discovered by Twitter user Meatball132the cacti in question can be clearly recognized in a video recorded and uploaded from the YouTube channel Universal Parks News today.

The cacti can be seen on the Yoshi’s Adventure ride. These props don’t just look like the same cactus models seen in the fan mod. Newer Super Mario Bros. Wiibut are almost identical replicas. In Super Nintendo World, you can even spot a cactus prop that has a pink flower placed in the same spot as the mod’s cactus.

As Meatball132 pointed out, it appears that everyone who worked on this prop just went to Google for “New Super Mario Bros. Wii cactus ”and didn’t know that the cactus that appeared as one of the top results didn’t come from an official game, but from a fan mod released in 2013.

I can’t wait for Nintendo to end Nintendo and Universal.

Additionally, this isn’t the first example of people discovering fan-made content used by Super Nintendo World. Last month, an artist suggested that Nintendo and Universal had used the artist’s 3D rendering of Mario on the park’s official website. What kind of rinky dink ship are they running over there?


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