India, May 4, 2021 / – After popular video sharing app TikTok and fifty-nine other Chinese apps failed to adhere to India’s online safety requirements; Earlier this year it was announced that the aforementioned applications would be permanently banned from Indian territory.

According to the authorities, TikTok, along with the other apps, violates users’ digital rights by illegally collecting personal data for their benefit. Because of this, the app becomes a threat to the country’s national security.

Even then, it is questionable whether TikTok played an essential role in people’s daily lives. Not only has it been a platform for creative videos to go viral, but it has also become a way for people living in India to see through the borders, especially with nationwide media censorship.

With this, citizens have been looking for ways to continue accessing the blocked websites without compromising their online privacy.

Using a Free VPN …


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