High-profile attacks like the ransomware attack against Kaseya and the most recent one against Sinclair TV networks have seen executives and board members support security investments and budget requirements more strongly. Respondents in Dark Reading Strategic Security Survey 2021 report significant expansion of their security organization. A larger part of the total IT budget is also devoted to cybersecurity.

However, security officers still struggle to invest in areas that have the greatest impact. Approximately 70% of respondents agree or totally agree that the attacks on Colonial Pipeline and meat packaging company JBS significantly increased the company’s concerns about ransomware. However, 70% of respondents also say that cybersecurity staff are underutilized, which can lead to burnout and increased data risk. In the survey, 60% say the company is well prepared to respond to a major data breach in the coming year.

According to the survey, investments in securities are still reactive. “Put risks and business needs into a cybersecurity framework that focuses our spending where it is needed,” notes one respondent.

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