When you work in the office, you tend to trust that the internet connection you are using is reasonably secure. Maybe you shouldn’t. Run a VPN Encrypting the traffic from you to the web is never a bad idea no matter where you are. The idea is even more important if you are working from home or on the go. Then you need the kind of security that a VPN service offers. Perhaps even better, you get a dedicated remote access VPN that tunnels straight to the corporate servers. That protects you and the company.

No matter what type of VPN you use or came across you from the IT department, it turns out the best name this year is the same across both categories.

VPN services for work 2021

Not everyone likely thinks they need a VPN in the office, but it doesn’t hurt. We asked people who rated virtual private networks in our Readers’ Choice poll to check a box if they use the same VPN for work coverage. These are the results, and they show three of the same four providers that …

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