Bukalapak confirms hacking attempt but says data remain secure

Indonesian eCommerce site Bukalapak has confirmed a hacking attempt. The hacker who goes by the alias Gnosticplayers claimed that he had hacked into 13 million accounts. However, Bukalapak assured that confidential and important data such as user passwords and financial information “remain secure despite past attempt made on Bukalapak’s old and stale information” in a press release.

Head of Bukalapak corporate communication Intan Wibisono said, “As a leading technology company in Indonesia, we place security and privacy of our users as our utmost important priority and no misuse of information is ever tolerated.” He added We recognize that in our industry, there is a continuous threat of hacking by irresponsible parties and as such, we continue to improve our security system at Bukalapak. It is through such efforts that we continue to prevent any confidential, important and private data to be breached.”

Intan Wibisono added that Bukalapak always urged its users to continuously be mindful when undertaking online activities and highly recommend users to periodically change their passwords and activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) feature offered in Bukalapak to add extra layers of protection. 2FA is a feature that can prevent misuse of data or unauthorized login from unrecognized devices. Maintaining password confidentiality and following security guidelines provided at www.bukalapak.com/security_guide are critical to have secure online activities.

The hacker also claimed to hack into a Indonesian college and career platform Youthmanual with 1.12 million accounts.

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