Built-in security key for the secure modernization of “on-the-fly IT systems”


DOD Acquisition officials emphasize the value of the MTA paths for acquiring weapons systems.

Department of Defense, Air Force, and Navy acquisition officials cited “burned in” security and the Middle Tier Acquisition (MTA) pathway as critical to agile software development for rapidly solving technical challenges and enabling war fighters to solve problems as soon as they are on the battlefield.

Since the directive came into force in 2018, there have been 86 active MTA programs across the DOD. Of these, more than 20 are considered “great skills” and at least 71 are rapid prototyping efforts, noted Assistant Secretary of Defense, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisitions Christopher O’Donnell. A prominent example is a program to expand the visibility of unmanned Blackwing aircraft for the Navy.

With the success of the MTA path, O’Donnell hopes that DOD can shape future private industry acquisition strategies and employ new technologies …


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