Broadcom plans to invest in VMware partners, sales and engineers


Tom Krause, president of Broadcom Software Group, said the company’s plan for VMware is to embrace the differences between the two companies and change as little as possible in the way VMware approaches the market, according to a blog published Wednesday market is coming.

“VMware is a legendary software company with a vibrant ecosystem that includes hyperscalers, system integrators and channel partners. We don’t want to change anything about that, and we even want to accept these relationships,” wrote Krause. “We have great respect for what VMware has built, backed by an experienced team of engineering talent. For all of these reasons and more, we have committed to renaming Broadcom Software Group VMware.”

Broadcom announced plans on May 26 to buy VMware for $61 billion in a mix of cash and stock. Since then, Krause said he’s spoken to VMware customers and partners “to tell them more about how this combination will bring them compelling benefits.” We also launched…

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