Broadcom outlines VMware’s ambitions from mainframe to cloud • The Register


Broadcom has made its first public comment in weeks on its plans for VMware should the surprise $61 billion acquisition go ahead as planned, and has prioritized retaining VMware’s engineers to keep the virtualization giant innovative .

The outline of Broadcom’s plans appeared in a blog post Wednesday by Tom Krause, president of Broadcom Software.

VMware is a legendary software company with a vibrant ecosystem. We don’t want to change that.

The post begins by flattering Broadcom’s meeting with VMware customers “to tell them more about how this combination will bring them compelling benefits.”

These benefits focus on “greater choice and flexibility in building, running, managing, connecting and protecting traditional and modern applications at scale in diverse, distributed environments.”

Krause’s definition of “choice” hinges on the intent that Broadcom Software’s existing businesses — Symantec and CA — will operate under the VMware name once the deal closes.

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