Broadcom acquires VMware: what to do


It’s confirmed. Broadcom acquires VMware. This is just the latest in Broadcom’s many attempts to diversify by entering the enterprise software space. VMware is one of the most widespread technologies used by organizations around the world. But what does the acquisition mean for VMware customers? And more importantly, what actions should you be taking to prepare for the coming months?

In short, VMware customers should prepare for significant changes to their current vendor relationship. Broadcom has publicly stated that it is managing acquired software companies differently than before in order to have a greater impact in terms of financial returns. Broadcom acquired CA Technologies in 2018 for $19 billion and Significantly degraded customer experience. There has been an increase in pricing and review activity, along with weakened support and limited development and innovation.

So what can you do to prepare for the VMware acquisition?…

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