Cyber ​​security startup Immersive Labs – which recently closed a $ 75 million Series C funding round, raising it a significant war chest – is acquiring U.S. cyber startup Snap Labs in an undisclosed deal, although Immersive says it is a “million dollar number” and will be a mix of stocks and cash. Snap Labs is believed to have not raised any venture capital funding prior to this transaction.

Immersive, which teaches corporate employees cybersecurity insights by leveraging current cyber threat intelligence in a “gamified” manner, says the deal will empower them to help organizations develop cyber knowledge in-house.

Since the cyber conversion from a purely technical, team-led topic to a company-wide, business-critical topic, the Immersive approach seems to generate a lot of new business internationally. Snap Labs has a decent U.S. presence – it currently works with Accenture, Mandiant, and Crowdstrike – so will …

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