From the edge to the cloud, companies strive to find innovative solutions that pick them up where they are. Today’s business environment is becoming more complex and customers tell us they need solutions that are multi-cloud, platform independent, and offer integrated apps and services that are always up to date. We have seen firsthand that the best solution combines a company’s existing infrastructure with the simple, distributed computing power of the cloud. Our unique hybrid approach gives companies the choice and flexibility in managing their entire data inventory while meeting the requirements for data sovereignty, regulation and latency.

Turn on the Azure Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Digital Event 9:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific Time to learn about the latest announcements about Azure Arc-enabled data services. And today we announce the general availability of. known Azure SQL enabled through Azure Arc to help customers manage their data and databases easily and efficiently. Customers can deploy cloud services locally and in multi-cloud environments – an effective on-premise modernization by running Azure SQL on any infrastructure.

Cloud solutions that simplify the most complex hybrid data scenarios

The provision of cloud-based solutions in on-premises and multi-cloud environments contributes to the consistent, portable and uniform management of a company’s entire database. Our customers see improved productivity and operational efficiency through the use of hybrid technology to manage their data and app development on a large scale.

For example, SKF provides reliable rotation to industries around the world and provides rotating shaft products and services including bearings, seals, lubrication management, artificial intelligence and wireless condition monitoring. SKF was on the path to digitally transforming the company’s backbone by harnessing the power of technology, connecting processes, streamlining operations, and delivering industry-leading digital products and services to customers. SKF uses Azure Arc in conjunction with Azure Stack HCI and Azure SQL Edgeto scale solutions and standardize processes at their 91 production sites, resulting in 40 percent savings in hardware costs and 30 percent savings in OT-related machine downtime.

“SKF’s focus is on digitizing and connecting all segments of the value chain in order to unlock the full potential of digital ways of working for our business and our customers. Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance gives us worry-free and always up-to-date SQL operations. These types of services offer us a huge leap into digitization. “-Sven Vollbehr, Head of Digital Manufacturing, SKF

The “Anywhere” solution for hybrid cloud applications

Starting July 30, 2021, the general tier of Azure Arc-enabled Managed SQL Instance will be generally available and provide Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) functionality in any infrastructure. Companies can deploy Azure SQL databases on any infrastructure and on any Kubernetes to:

  • Stay up to date with automated updates and provide evergreen feature and security updates for local databases with no end of support.
  • Automate routine database administrator (DBA) tasks to a large extent with built-in administrative functions such as high availability, backup and recovery.
  • Optimize the performance of data workloads by delivering cloud elasticity on-premises to existing infrastructure and using only the resources necessary to dynamically scale up and down without application downtime.
  • Access Azure’s industry-leading security and governance capabilities for your on-premises data workloads to keep your data safe.

New product features and functionality are continuously being rolled out, and customers can sign up to preview additional Azure Arc-enabled services such as PostgreSQL and easily integrate them as they become generally available. In addition, customers have the opportunity to test future roadmap preview functions and provide feedback at an early stage.

Develop breakthrough applications with our network of trusted partners

To support the general availability of Azure Arc-enabled data services, we are announcing a expanded network of trustworthy partners and validated solutions to help customers get started.

Our team works closely with technology providers to validate popular platforms to work with Azure Arc, and ours many service providers are here to provide customers with the latest innovations for hybrid data solutions on-premise or in multi-cloud environments.

Whether you are just starting out with migration and modernization efforts or are in the middle of a multi-year digital transformation, our consulting service partners can help you select the validated infrastructures and applications that have been specifically configured and tested to work with Azure Arc.

Get started with Azure Arc-enabled data services

Start with Azure Arc-enabled data services available in preview today. Starting July 30, 2021, an Azure Arc-enabled managed SQL instance (generic tier) will be generally available to customers to optimize their data workloads from the cloud to the edge.

Turn on the Azure Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Digital Event Today at 9:00 AM Pacific Time or watch the on-demand announcement to learn more about the announcement.


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