Fingerprint reading door locks aren’t known for their affordability, but startup BrillLock wants to change that with this new system that recently completed a Kickstarter launch with more than $ 30,000 in support. Although it is a crowd-funded project (still without an official website), the castle was sent to me in its supposedly finished, ready-to-ship form for review. TechHive does not otherwise cover Kickstarter products.

Before we get into what it is and how it works, let’s start with a discussion of what BrillLock is is not. First, it’s not a latch like most smart locks. Rather, it is a lever-style encrypted handle with a standard locking mechanism. The keyhole is under a small cover plate, and the fingerprint reader is on the inside of the outside handle. Occasional watchers will not be able to tell that it is even a biometric lock.

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