The majority of businesses need to store multiple types of data. Data size, access speed and application priority determine what kind of storage different data needs. As a result, many organizations use multiple different storage types in the data center rather than one homogeneous storage type.

Two main forms of storage in data centers are the storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS). A SAN uses a network hardware fabric and switches to connect servers to storage. SANs are well suited for block I/O and structured data such as relational databases. SANs require either Fiber Channel networks or Ethernet such as iSCSI. NAS, on the other hand, accesses files using a protocol and is optimal for remote file delivery. NAS works as a server with its own file server and offers central data management. It is best suited for unstructured data.

Hybrid storage arrays

Hybrid storage arrays Connect different storage types together, mix flash, hard disk drives (HDDs), …

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