Apple isn’t going to limit the use of LTPO displays to just one display. “iPhone 13“Model where an analyst denies rumors and insists display technology will be used in several 2021 iPhone models.

It should be Apple introduction A low temperature display made of polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) for the iPhone line after use in the Apple Watch, so that the iPhone has a variable refresh rate. An analyst tried to correct rumors that it is only available on one device.

According to Ross Young, an analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants, in a Ticketing On Twitter on Friday, he had heard rumors that there would only be one LTPO model for the iPhone in 2021. To dispel that rumor, Young claimed, “Can confirm this is not the case. Apple fans can relax.”

In tweets react When asked, the analyst made it clear that LTPO would be used on two iPhones, especially on “both Pro models”.

Long-standing display provider Samsung It is expected According to reports from March, LTPO OLED displays will be made available for the new models.

Young has a pretty good track record of providing accurate details about display-related technologies such as: predict the lack of ProMotion in the iPhone 12 Pro Area in 2020. On April 1st, he claimed A 2022 iPhone SE update will have a 4.7-inch LCD panel, as well as a 6.1-inch model with a hole instead of a notch in 2023.

LTPO could be a very useful technology for the iPhone when implemented as it can provide the 120Hz refresh rate required as part of the expected ProMotion feature. The variable refresh rate can also help improve the iPhone’s battery life by reducing the number of updates to the display during times when it is not actively used.

Rumors of a ProMotion display popped up for that iPhone 12 Generation, but ultimately failed Mass production. The decision was allegedly made due to issues with battery life management in test devices with ProMotion enabled, an issue that could have been resolved with previous use of LTPO.

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