Earlier this month transmission Chef Randy Pitchford teased a “big” new one Border areas Game that sounds like this Borderlands 4, the next major installment in the wacky and post-apocalyptic looter shooter series. Fast forward a few weeks and now Pitchford is teasing again next time Border areas Game for the PS5 and built Xbox Series X.. Pitchford doesn’t mention the name Border areas 4, but it’s unclear what it could be other than a spin-off, but that doesn’t really fit the bill of the previous teaser.

If you’re not among Pitchford’s 720,000 followers, you’ve missed the fact that he tweeted about the new Unreal Engine 5 demo released this week. To that end, he says, “You can clearly see that this engine was built for a new type of next generation Border areas Game. “What this means exactly is not really clear.

That is, and as mentioned earlier, based on the initial tease, you’d assume this is another tease for Border areas 4. However, the specific use is “a new breed of next generation.” Border areas“The game suggests that the game may be experimental, which in turn suggests a split.

At the moment of publication it is not clear what Border areas Game Pitchford is spot on, but it’s safe to assume a new entry for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and is in the works Pc. That said, for now that’s all we know, otherwise it might be using Unreal Engine 5, which wouldn’t be very surprising given the fact Border areas 3 uses Unreal Engine 4.

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