Right, time for another accessories chat – this time it’s the Apple Magic Keyboard that I take as a puzzle.

It’s really groundbreaking on the iPad Pro or the iPad Air – it allows you to make the iPad a lot more like a computer with the large trackpad and very clickable buttons. I loved it … but it costs $ 349.

NO LONGER! In the USA, Best Buy has it for $ 199. While that’s still a huge additional amount, it’s a lot less, and when you invest in the iPad experience, it’s well worth it.

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Look, we want to maintain a good relationship between you and me here. You have to trust me that I am looking for the good deals for you – and with that in mind, I have to tell you I am not currently seeing any good iPad deals for the iPad 2021, the 10.2-inch model this year.

I think that has the potential to really explode this year, even though it’s new – but then again, it keeps going off at major retailers like Amazon, suggesting that there might not be enough to stay around.

If you want it to be in the US, you can get the 64GB version for $ 329, and in the UK You’re looking for £ 319 for the same device… again, that’s not great at the old exchange rate.

If you live in the UK or US and want to take our (excellent) recommendation for the best iPad deal, consider investing in an Apple Pencil.

Both iPads have high quality touchscreens, which means the addition of Apple’s stylus improves their usefulness dramatically. I still don’t love scribbling on a piece of glass – I wish it felt more like paper – but there’s no doubt that having one of these is a real win – especially when the pen sticks magnetically to the side of the tablet.

In this sense the Apple Pencil 2 (with said magnets in it) costs only $ 99 on Amazon in the US, and £ 99 in the UK … again with Amazon, the brand that obviously doesn’t care about exchange rates.

Welcome to our live blog for iPad Black Friday Deals – we have our main page that has all of the deals grouped together, but today prices are going to change so much that we’re not sure they can catch up – so do live blogging a lot more sense.

We’ll be looking for the best deals on the iPad units, of course, but there’s also a world of stands, cases, and pencils to talk about – stay around and we’ll give you everything you need to know.

Let’s start here: The best iPad deal in the US right now is the iPad Air 2020. which dropped to $ 539, and in the UK it is the iPad Pro 11 (as of 2021), which costs just £ 699 in this year’s Black Friday sale.

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