Bitrise announces virtualized Apple Silicon M1 CI/CD development environment


For developers working on enterprise applications that need to develop for both Intel and Apple Silicon platforms, Bitrise now has a cloud-based option offering the world’s first virtualized M1 CI/CD environment.

Facilitate the transition to Apple Silicon

“The M1 chip offers many benefits, but to take advantage of them today, developers need to be able to seamlessly switch between Apple Silicon and Intel-based build options,” said Bitrise CEO Barnabas Birmacher.

The company, whose customers include N26, Transferwise (now “Wise”), Virgin Mobile, Tag Heuer, Mozilla, Paysafe and Philips Hue, wanted to give developers that kind of flexibility while offering a scalable solution built on top of their own business iOS CI/CD technology.

“As a result, teams can focus on expanding features instead of manually setting up and troubleshooting, which can lead to a decrease in release frequency. For demanding mobile product organization…

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