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An individual that targeted several sites with DDoS attacks and extorted over $150,000 will not be facing jail time despite being considered guilty and admitting wrongdoing.

At the same time, two individuals behind the WannaCry Ransomware have also faced no jail time. It seems that The Netherlands is becoming the place for DDoS attackers to base their operations.

DDoS Attacker Considered Guilty Doesn’t Go to Jail

The hacker confessed that he performed these attacks after being arrested back in October 2017. According to him, he needed the funds since his parents became impoverished. He has also mentioned that the creator of this software earned $100,000.

The botnet included a compromised Internet of Things Devices (IoT). They were using computing power to take sites offline and communicate by email with the owners of the site demanding a ransom to be paid using Bitcoin (BTC).

In the United States, hackers could have a lengthy prison sentence. Indeed, the draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is one of the most stringent anti-hacking laws around the world. The defendant said that he is now mining virtual currencies. The prosecutors wanted two years in jail and restitution. However, the hacker will not be paying restitution and will not do additional jail time.

Apparently, the attacker was among the top Internet of Things hackers in the world, but this is not confirmed and might take a long time to be asserted.

During the last few years, ransomware attacks have been used by hackers all over the world to make money in a fast way. Once they were able to infect the computer of an individual they requested for a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin to release the files blocked.

There have been many other attacks related to virtual currencies. Indeed, some individuals threatened crypto users to reveal private information if they did not pay a fine in Bitcoin.

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