• (0:45) – Tech Giants Benefit During Pandemic: Q4 Revenue
  • (4:20) – What should investors expect from Tesla?
  • (7:00) – The Rapid Expansion of Cloud Computing: Who Will Be Ahead?
  • (9:30 am) – Stocks on the radar for 2021
  • (13:50) – Wedbush ETFMG Global Cloud Technology ETF: IVES
  • (7:40 pm) – The rise in retail investment
  • Podcast@Zacks.com

On this episode of ETF Spotlight, I speak to Dan Ives, Managing Director of Wedbush Securities, about the outlook for mega-cap tech stocks and cloud computing.

Tech giants had been leading the market higher for most of 2020. These companies recently posted better than expected profits as they continue to benefit from the digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic.

Apple (AAPL – – Free report) had the most profitable quarter ever. Dan believes the company is best positioned to win from the 5G super cycle issue and that it can do it within a …


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