Big Tech Countdown: Amazon’s 5 Most Awesome Health Games in 2021


Here’s a look back at Amazon’s key healthcare moves in 2021 and what they could signal for the tech giant in 2022.

1. In March, Amazon Care partnered with leading healthcare systems to promote home care reimbursement, a move that anticipated Amazon’s plans to expand its offerings for seniors.

  • Amazon teamed up with home health startups like Shipping health and major health systems like Intermountain Healthcare and Ascent to form the Relocate health coalition.
  • The lobbying congress is costly, but with Amazon on board, hospitals got access to more funding to advocate lasting health policies at home: Amazon, for example, spent $ 18 million on lobbying in the same year; Ascension, for example only $ 1 million out.
  • In fact, our prediction that Amazon would double its senior offerings came true. Later that year Amazon started a new subscription-based geriatric care service Alexa Together to help family members keep an eye on the elderly …


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