Big Tech accepts EU rules on disinformation, bots and deepfakes • The Register


Meta, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies and publishers have agreed to fight disinformation online, according to the European Commission’s latest code of practice, published on Thursday.

The code [PDF] lists a wide range of commitments that signatories can meet in the fight against digital counterfeiting. Options include steps to demonstrate disinformation; Businesses should avoid placing ads alongside fake news or profiting from the spread of false information on the internet; and clear identification of political advertising.

Other concerns include making data from social media platforms more transparent and available to researchers and supporting the work of fact-checkers. The EU has updated these guidelines to also counter the rise of fake bot accounts and AI-generated deepfakes. The signatories promise to set out their internal policies for handling manipulated content and will have to verify their algorithms for detecting and moderating…

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