Beware of the safety risks posed by smart toys this holiday season


Smart toys are always great Christmas gifts. You can talk to children and help them grow.

But they also harbor security risks.

According to the Trouble in Toyland report, there are still several toys sold that contain more information than you might think.

One of them is a newer toy called Mario Kart Live Home Circuit that has hit the market. It uses a camera to turn your room into a virtual race track.

Researchers at the Public Interest Research Group found that the camera can capture anything in the room, including expensive items that may be in it and images that could reveal the identity and location of the user.

Cloud Pets is a type of walkie-talkie that allows children to send voice recordings to loved ones over long distances. But in 2017 a database of more than 2 million recordings was hacked.

A year later, a research group found that the data problems were never fixed.

Major toy retailers stopped selling Cloud Pets this year, but some can still be found on eBay.


“V-Tech”, that is …



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