Better Stock Split to Buy Immediately: Amazon, Shopify, or Tesla?


Wall Street and the investment community have been taken on a wild ride in 2022. The scale S&P500, which is often Wall Street’s favorite barometer of the health of stock markets, posted its worst first-half return in 52 years. Now that depends on the technology Nasdaq Composite was even worse, with a peak-to-trough decline of up to 34% since November.

But despite that turmoil, investors have been absolutely delighted with the dozens of companies announcing stock splits this year.

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A stock split allows a publicly traded company to change its stock price and the number of shares outstanding without affecting its market capitalization or its operations. It’s the perfect tool for companies to make their shares more affordable to regular investors who might otherwise not have access to fractional shares through their online brokers.

So far in 2022, a number of exceptionally popular, high-quality stocks have announced…

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