Better Stock Split Stock to Buy Now: Amazon or Alphabet?


The first six months of 2022 were marked by wild volatility and market-moving news events, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Federal Reserve’s biggest rate hike in more than a quarter century. But amidst this constant barrage of news, investors are becoming increasingly intrigued by companies announcing stock splits.

A stock split is a way for a public company to change its stock price and the number of shares outstanding without affecting its market capitalization or operating performance. Conducting a forward stock split is one way companies can make their shares nominally more affordable to retail investors who may not have access to fractional shares.

Paper stock certificate reading stocks.

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More importantly, stock splits are viewed as a positive sign by Wall Street and investors. A company’s stock price wouldn’t be high enough to warrant a split unless it’s performing well and outperforming its peers.

Earlier this year FAANG shares Amazon (AMZN 2.49%)


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