Better buy-it-now stocks: Amazon vs. Tesla


Amazon (AMZN 0.25%) and Tesla (TSLA -0.40%) Both have delivered great returns for investors over the past two years. During that time, Amazon is up more than 80% and Tesla is up a staggering 1,160%. The reasons were simple: the pandemic was driving more shoppers to Amazon, and Tesla, already the electric vehicle (EV) leader, significantly increased shipments.

Today, the long-term prospects for both companies continue to look good. But higher inflation and the general market decline have weighed on shares in Amazon and Tesla. Their prices have each lost more than 30%. At these levels, both companies look like a buy. But if you could only buy one, which one should you go for? Let’s take a closer look to find out.

The case for Amazon

Amazon is a leader in two major businesses: e-commerce and cloud computing. Right now, inflationary pressures are hurting Amazon’s e-commerce business. The cost of shipping goods has skyrocketed. But the company is working to…

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