Private Internet Access is one of the biggest names in the VPN space, and with good reason. It offers access to more than 30,000 servers in 78 countries. Even better, it’s one of the cheapest VPNs out there at INR 3,010 for a year. Other providers may offer advanced features. We find PIA to be the best choice for most small business users as it strikes a perfect balance of pricing, features, and ease of use.

PIA uses the gold standard AES-256 encryption and offers the new open source WireGuard protocol. That means faster speeds with the same level of security.

For an additional INR 381 per month, you can add a dedicated IP address — a useful feature if you plan to use a VPN for business purposes.

With support for up to 10 simultaneous connections, huge server network, and positive user reviews across devices, Private Internet Access is a great option for most users. For more information on how PIA can help you keep your business…

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