There are a number of advantages to setting up a virtual private network (VPN) on your router best VPN for routersBut a big part of what you can get out of your router depends on what type of router it is. Because of this, today we’re specifically looking for the best VPN for Asus routers.

The central theses:

  • Asus routers are out of the box and can be used with a wide variety of VPN services without the need for new firmware.
  • There are some providers such as ExpressVPN and VyprVPNwho still choose to provide their own router firmware, which usually has more features than the standard Asus firmware.
  • Setting up a VPN provider on your router is an easy and quick way to ensure that all devices in your home are using a protected connection.

Asus routers are some of the best for running a VPN out of the box. In contrast to Netgear routers or other routers, many VPN providers support the standard Asus router …

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