The best VPN is a must have in any modern internet toolkit, and it’s a great time to hit a deal on sales. A VPN is key to unlocking a full suite of products and services wherever you are. Download a VPN and it will maximize your online privacy, unblock blocked websites, and help you stream live sports and TV shows.

Note, however, that when choosing a VPN, the best free VPN is not always the best answer. Fortunately, with prices starting at just a few dollars per month, the expenses are low – especially since there are always VPN offers!

A VPN, or virtual private network, is software that encrypts the data you send back and forth between your connected device and the Internet. It routes it straight through their servers. So, if you don’t want your ISP or anyone else to see what you’re doing, or even know what country you’re in, a VPN is a great option to keep your information as secure as possible.

The best VPN services have apps for everyone …

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