Outdoor security cameras can be a great addition to any property. Having them installed not only means you can learn more about what’s going on around your home, but they also act as a worthwhile deterrent to would-be criminals attempting to gain entry.

Likewise, at worst, rest assured that with the quality of today’s cameras, it’s easy to collect a range of images and data that can aid in any insurance, criminal, or claims litigation.

However, there are some distinct differences between security devices designed for outdoor and indoor use. First, outdoor cameras tend to be larger, better protected, and use better waterproof and water-resistant materials.

Second, they have a longer range, allowing your devices to communicate with each other even from a greater distance. And third, they often come equipped with lights, alarms, sirens, and other accessories that can alert you or bystanders to unwanted attention.

A quick word about installation. Most of these setups are easy to…

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