Best new features in Windows Server 2022


Windows Server 2022 was released this summer to accommodate production workloads with a host of new features. What’s hot with the latest edition of Windows Server? Let’s take a look.

New network protocols

Unsurprisingly, a major focus of Microsoft’s Windows Server focus is on performance. Most Windows Server users use it to host critical business services and applications that either serve employees or customers directly. Either way, time is money, and the platform your critical systems run on needs to be both stable and efficient.

Microsoft has made some notable network improvements to Windows Server 2022. For starters, the Quick UDP Internet Connection (QUIC) protocol developed by Google has been added and improves UDP connections in many ways, including encryption, reduced latency, connection reuse, version control, and extensibility. UDP is also used in the form of UDP Segmentation Offload (USO) and UDP …


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