Best MacBook Air 2022 Alternatives for Windows Users


That Macbook Air 2022 is almost there. While announced WWDC 2022the latest model of Apple’s popular laptop, offers notable improvements over the MacBook Air with M1, like a better display, a sharper camera, and MagSafe support. The new laptop also packs the second generation M2 processor, which promises stronger performance than its predecessor. As we said in our hands-on preview, The MacBook Air 2022 is a big step forward.

While the 2022 MacBook Air looks like it could be an overall better laptop than its 2020 counterpart, it may not be the notebook for everyone. It only supports a single external monitor and is more expensive than previous MacBook Air models, starting at $1,199. The price alone could make people, especially Windows users, wonder what comparable laptops they can get instead.

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