Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) was an inevitable evolution. 20 years ago, IT budgeting could potentially have included building mirror data centers for DR purposes: just take your existing data center and build an exact replica in another city or state and Viola! Your DR needs are taken into account.

Such concepts were technically sound, but few could afford them. Larger operations tried to cut costs by using their own regional data centers as failover locations. Each data center was replicated elsewhere so that if one failed, the others could deal with it. But even this one only appealed to those who have deep pockets. Others have developed some sort of DR plan using colocation services or simply made a few tapes and shipped them to Iron Mountain.

DRaaS is a way to take the infrastructure and financial outlay away from DR. You pay a monthly fee to a provider who keeps your data safe and makes it available in the event of a failure or event. It is often bundled with an online backup of colors …

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