Protect your shiny new Galaxy S21 for under $ 20!

If you’ve just bought a shiny new one Samsung Galaxy S21The last thing you want to do is scratch or damage it. But it’s really easy to drop or spill something on your precious smartphone. The best way to protect your new Galaxy S21 is to buy it and put it in a protective case. The nice thing about cell phone cases is that they not only protect your cell phone, but also make it look even more elegant.

Many cases have hit the market since the Galaxy S21 launched in January. While some Galaxy S21 cases cost a ton of money, many are affordable and cost less than $ 20. To help you choose, we’ve reviewed the best cheap cases for the Galaxy S21.

    Spigen Tough armor

    The robust armor made of TPU and polycarbonate offers double protection against accidental falls and scratches. In addition, the air cushion technology is equipped with a bumper, raised edges to protect the camera and display of the Galaxy S21, military-grade certification and a stand.

    Ringke Air

    Transparent and light

    Ringke Air is a super-thin, clear TPU-based case that brings out the beautiful design of the S21 and offers an additional layer of protection. It features a microdot matrix design that eliminates the annoyance of rainbow effects on your phone, a lanyard hole, and assistance with wireless charging.

    Nillkin CamShield case

    The CamShield case protects the Galaxy S21 and its sensitive triple cameras. The main feature is a camera cover that can be opened and closed. There’s also an invisible square airbag that absorbs bumps and falls, a textured back that’s nice to the touch, and assistance with wireless charging.

    Caseology Parallax

    Caseology’s parallax case offers sufficient protection and style for the Galaxy S21. It has a stunning 3D design, raised edges to protect the display of your Galaxy S21 and a two-layer bumper that provides military-grade protection. You can buy it in a range of stylish colors including ash gray, indi pink, matte black, and purple.

    Denim pattern case

    Are you a fashion lover? Then check out the Denim Pattern Case from SQMCase. Not only does it have a unique denim design, it also offers scratch-resistant and shock-resistant protection for your Galaxy S21. The case features precise cutouts, support for wireless charging, and a lightweight design.

    Abstract rainbow fall

    Give your S21 personality

    The first thing you will notice about this case is the eye-catching rainbow design which gives the Galaxy S21 more style and personality. The housing is transparent, thin, light and flexible in design. It’s not the toughest Galaxy S21 case on the market, but there are raised bezels to protect the display and cameras.

    TUCCH wallet case

    The TUCCH wallet case is a great option if you want to free up space in your pocket or bag. It features a PU leather design, three card slots, a money pocket, a magnetic flap, RFID blocking, a TPU inner shell, precise cutouts and a lifetime guarantee. The case is available in different colors on Amazon.

    fitBAG sleeve

    FitBAG offers a range of faux fur sleeves for the Galaxy S21 with dalmatian, zebra, leopard, snow leopard, giraffe and tiger prints. There is a microfiber lining on the inside of the case that keeps the display of your S21 clean at all times.

    Spigen Liquid Air Armor

    Lightweight, robust protection

    Spigen’s Liquid Air Armor is aimed at people looking for a durable case that doesn’t add a lot of bulk to their Galaxy S21. It’s slim and light, has a non-slip matte finish, military-grade protection, and air-cushion technology that provides shock protection.

After buying a new Galaxy S21, you don’t want to damage or scratch it. But it’s great to see that there is a wide variety of Galaxy S21 cases in the market, and many of them have price tags under $ 20. For maximum protection, we recommend choosing the Spigen Tough Armor. In the meantime, the TUCCH wallet is perfect for people who value practicality. Plus, it comes in many colors. Most people, however, will be happy with the Ringke Air’s light and transparent design.

    Samsung Galaxy S21

    The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the starting point of the new flagship 2021 series, which, along with a decent display and camera setup, includes a flagship SoC.

Either way, buying a Galaxy S21 case is a smart decision as it will protect your phone over the long term. In most regions, Samsung doesn’t ship a case in the box, and most of Samsung’s official offerings are quite expensive. Even the Clear cover from Samsung is a good $ 20 price, which while the cheapest from Samsung, is still a fair bit above what you can get from a third-party seller on Amazon as a definite case. You pay Samsung for the brand value, but it’s often better to find a better case for that price. The choice is yours, and the options given above will be just fine!

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