Besides a VPN, what can you use?



VPN providers would like you to believe that VPNs are a cybersecurity one-stop shop that will solve all your worries about being tracked or hacked while browsing. That is not completly correct, although. VPNs are also not your only option when trying to cover your digital footprints.

How VPNs work

To better find and understand VPN alternatives, we need to go through them quickly how a VPN works. A virtual private network allows you to redirect your connection so that your IP address, and therefore virtual location, is changed.

This is great if you want to bypass regional restrictions or lockdowns, regardless of whether they’re imposed by a government (such as the United States). China’s Great Firewall) or something more mundane, like Netflix locking down its regional libraries. VPNs also come in handy when you’re on vacation and your bank only allows domestic IPs to access their website.

In addition to rerouting your connection — which is far from a unique ability, as we’ll see in a moment — VPNs also encrypt the connection in what…

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