Behavioral cybersecurity platform CybSafe raises $28M Series B led by Evolution…


Last year, British cybersecurity startup CybSafe, a “behavioural safety” platform, raised $7.9 million in a Series A. This SaaS product, with a user-based subscription licensing model, features a “behaviour-driven” platform that manages people related Security. In other words, it uses behavioral science and data analytics to help employees become more cybersecurity conscious.

Users receive microlearning content and personalized nudges in nine different languages, delivered through a mobile app or browser.

The company claims this approach means organizations can then take a look inside their employees’ safety behaviors, culture and risk reporting to help prevent safety issues and track improvements over time. CybSafe claims that this approach is 40-60% more effective in influencing specific safety behaviors and more helpful to users than the traditional safety awareness approach.

It now has a $28 million Series B round led by Evolution Equity Partners with…

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