JBS, the world’s largest beef supplier, paid about $ 11 million to the ransomware hackers that invaded its computer networks, the company said on Wednesday.

The company was hacked in May by REvil, one of several Russian-speaking hacking gangs that resulted in meat factories in the US and Australia being closed for at least a day. The news of the payment was first published by the Wall Street Journal.

Like many other ransomware groups, REvil has made millions over the past few years by hacking organizations, encrypting their files and charging fees, often large bitcoin payments, in exchange for a decryption program and a promise not to reveal the files to the public, required.

In a statement, JBS stated that while it was able to get most of its systems working without the help of REvil, it chose to pay to keep its files safe.

“At the time of payment, the vast majority of the company’s facilities were up and running,” the company said in a statement it emailed, adding that it “made a decision to avoid unforeseen …

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