An ex-Pat mercenary rides into battle on a tornado in Battlefield 2042.

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EA has its post-launch plans for Battlefield 2042 for the rest of the year, and although new content is not planned until 2022, it will three waves of ongoing fixes now until the end of December. Welcome to the Season of Infinite Beta.

Here is a quick recap of the game’s launch so far. Early access for Battlefield 2042 started on November 12th and soon started crashing Xbox consoles. The shooter received its first minor update that addressed “critical issues” like stuttering and server performance the following week, just a few days before the game was released to everyone else on December 19th. Battlefield 2042 became one of the worst rated games on Steam in the history of Valve’s PC storefront, with gamers complaining about the new operator system and poor performance at high settings.

What are EA’s plans for the future? First, there’s a major patch on November 25th that will address overpowering hovercrafts, a bug that prevents you from reviving allies, and a very inconsistent bullet distribution that makes some weapons incredibly frustrating to use, among other things. A third update will follow in December and the biggest to date, covering everything from performance and bugs to UI and vehicle animations.

“Fixed an issue where a player driving the hovercraft could not be shot through the windshield,” is just one example and my favorite of the series. You can find a more thorough, but still partial, breakdown of the changes that came on the Battlefield 2042 website. A third update is expected between the Thanksgiving holiday patch and December, but no information has been provided on what it will focus on.

A soldier in Battlefield 2042 watches a huge explosion in the background as tanks roll by.

image: EA

What’s not in any of these patches? The much-requested return of scoreboards, server browsers, and voice chat. Yes, if you weren’t paying attention, you read that right: Battlefield 2042 started without voice chat. The lack of chat has been a particular challenge for people who use crossplay. See how I try to keep my 8 month old from closing the laptop using Discord while my friends are ambushed by Hazard in our latest round.

For those struggling to run the game at high frame rates on otherwise hefty gaming rigs, EA listens to you but can’t promise quick fixes. “Identifying engine-level optimizations and developing solutions requires a longer response time from us to get it done right,” the latest announcement said.

Battlefield 2042 was originally scheduled to launch in October, but DICE made the decision back in September to postpone it for a month. It probably should have been delayed even further. While EA says Battlefield 2042 has almost twice as many players as Battlefield V Made at a similar point in time after its release, there is currently an average of around 50,000 concurrent players on Steam, or less than half of that Halo infinite on this platform.

“We also listen carefully to yours feedback which helps shape upcoming updates, ”wrote the game’s development team. “We couldn’t be more passionate about this game and we will support and develop it for years to come.”

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