Basic Considerations With Regard To VPNs In Ireland

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Fortunately, Ireland is not an authoritarian regime with severe censorship and control from the government and a multitude of legal restrictions or even worse – complete bans in place for VPNs. Thus, it is fair to say that, when choosing VPN in Ireland, people focus less on country-specific aspects and more on their private needs.

With regard to the latter, however, it turns out there is a significant concern in Irish society with regard to the potential of compromised online privacy. Thus, the Irish Examiner ( states that 89% of the teenagers in a 5500 student poll answered that they are keenly aware and worried about online privacy (and closely controlled the privacy settings on their social media platforms). This concern extends also to the use of other online resources or mobile apps.

Importantly, if the government is generally not considered a threat, then hackers are. Recent ransomware attacks in the UK turned out devastating for businesses, so it is not unimaginable how the same could be used against individual users (as well as webcam hacking, for instance). Fortunately, VPNs can ensure absolute online privacy by encrypting all the traffic and by concealing your IP address.

What Criteria To Pay Attention To When Selecting A VPN

This site comes with a brief overview of the essential aspect one needs to pay attention to when choosing a VPN provider. Some of these aspects are as follows:

– connection speed – the VPN has to ensure secure encryption with no significant loss in access speed, especially if you intend to watch video streaming websites;

– encryption strength – this one has two components: the encryption key (longer encryption keys ensure higher safety) and the encryption protocol (OpenVPN protocol is preferred for maximum safety, but there are providers supporting multiple protocols);

– the number of devices covered – you are likely going to use the VPN not only on your PC or laptop but also with smartphones. If this is the case, you must ensure your VPN is available for multiple operating systems and works on different types of devices;

– pricing. The cost is an obvious factor. In addition, to ensure you give money for the right thing, you might also opt for a provider that offers a free trial for its product.

Additional Resources

If you want to delve deeper into the topic of VPN and to understand the working principles, you can do so on Here you can find a lot about the potential use scenarios of VPNs, namely, you can explore the online services or products that can benefit most from use along with VPNs (e.g. Netflix, Sling TV, etc.). You would also understand which VPNs are most suitable for your general pattern of online activity. Ultimately, you can compare top VPN providers according to the features they offer, their strengths and weaknesses in order to choose one for your needs.


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