Bangladesh hackers attack ten Myanmar websites

Bangladesh hackers attacked ten Myanmar websites, including eight government sites, said Ye Naing Moe, Director of National Cyber Security Center under the Information Technology and Cyber Security Department on March 19.

“Four of them had been defaced and the rest were DDoS-ed. We have since recovered all eight websites attacked by Bangladesh hackers. We had informed respective departments that their websites had been attacked. We recovered them through the respective web admins,” said Ye Naing Moe.

The National Cyber Security Center is trying to protect local websites from the attack of Cyber 72, a Bangladesh hacker group.

Myanmar Computer Emergency Response Team issued an urgent announcement informing the attack of Cyber 71 on Myanmar websites. They warned the websites owners to improve CMS systems, to upgrade plug-ins and to disable unnecessary, 3rd party access such as plug-ins.

They also warned the websites owners to find whether the back-doors and other suspicious traces left by the hackers are kept in their systems.

The cyber attack by Bangladesh hackers occurred after a Myanmar hacker group, Union of Underground Myanmar Hackers (UGMH), launched a cyber attack on websites owned by Bangladesh government on March 15.

The Myanmar hacker group attacked about 200 Bangladesh websites from March 15 to reduce pressure from international communities on Myanmar in concerned with Bengali issue.

“Myanmar has been under pressure from international community due to fake news about Bengalis. The news is describing Myanmar as a country with terrorism, instability and security risk. They accused that Myanmar is committing genocide on Bengalis and our country is suffering from the wrong accusations. So we intended the cyber attack to reduce the international pressure on Myanmar caused by wrong accusations,” said the UGMH.

Currently, the UGMH attacked about 200 Bangladesh websites including website of Bangladesh navy and fingerprint system and personal histories of Bangladesh companies.

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