On Wednesday night, someone emptied funds from several cryptocurrency wallets connected to the decentralized financial platform BadgerDAO. According to blockchain security and data analytics Peckshield, which is working with Badger to investigate the heist, the various tokens stolen in the attack are valued at around $ 120 million.

While the investigation is still ongoing, members of the Badger team have told users that they believe the problem was caused by someone who injected a malicious script into their website’s user interface. For any user who interacted with the site while the script was active, it would intercept Web3 transactions and insert a request to transfer the victim’s tokens to the address chosen by the attacker.

Because of the transparency of the transactions, we can see what happened when the attackers pounced. PeckShield points to a transfer that tore the attacker 896 Bitcoin worth more than 50 million US dollars in the till. According to the team, the malicious code is …

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