Microsoft 365 Expert: Secure everything for “self-preservation”

20x Microsoft MVP Brien Posey explains how best practices can help save your job – and how it was once fired for being an internal IT sabotage threat.

Lesson # 1 for Microsoft 365 backups: “Back up absolutely everything.”

That’s the advice from Brien Posey, 20-time Microsoft MVP and Microsoft 365 expert, who recently spoke at a half-day online tech summit from Virtualization and cloud verification and Redmond Mag.

“Even if it isn’t necessary,” he continued. “I know that sounds a bit strange. I see. But there is a method to madness.”

The method to madness was featured in Posey’s “Best Practices” presentation at the recent “Microsoft 365 Security, Backup & Recovery Summit, “is now available for free on-demand viewing.

He gave two reasons for his tip no.1:


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