The 2015 GeekWire “Future Innovators” in 2020 Zoom calls Tanner, Rebecca, Marcus and Annabelle clockwise from the top left. (GeekWire photos)

Five years ago, the future 11-year-old scientist Rebecca Yeung from Seattle launched a self-made spaceship high above the earth. The exploits with their sister brought the couple a wide audience and the opportunity to meet President Obama at a science fair in the White House.

The experiences made Rebecca wide-eyed for science and technology.

In 2015, she followed geeky kids from across the Seattle area in a series of videos and a panel on stage at this year’s GeekWire Summit. We talked about their views on science, technology, what was important in their life at that time, and their aspirations for years to come.

We called them our Future Innovators and the aim was to take a look at the future by speaking directly to some of the young people who would help shape it.

“Everyone was excited over science

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