Colleges in the United States have delayed the start of the spring semester due to the pandemic. If you would like to return to campus soon (or have already done so), follow these steps Top USA VPNs can make your life a little easier.

# 1 Access to exclusive content from abroad

VPNs can be masked Your real IP address and assign a new one based on the server you are connecting to. This can trick websites and online services into believing that you are in a different region. This will give you access to all the websites blocked in the US and unlock new content from around the world:

  • Netflix shows exclusively for other regions (the US has fallen behind Number of Netflix shows available).
  • YouTube videos have been blocked in the United States for copyright reasons
  • New US streaming sites not available (e.g. BBC iPlayer)

In addition, VPNs help you bypass any firewalls set up by your school. More details below.

# 2 bypass school firewall restrictions

Firewalls are a set …

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