Azure Premium SSD v2 Disk Storage Preview | Azure blog and updates

Azure Premium SSD v2 Disk Storage Preview |  Azure blog and updates

We’re excited to announce the preview of Premium SSD v2, the next generation of Microsoft Azure Premium SSD Disk Storage. This new disk offering offers the most advanced block storage solution designed for a wide range of input/output (IO)-intensive enterprise production workloads that require sub-millisecond disk latencies and high input/output operations per second (IOPS) and require high throughput – at low cost. With Premium SSD v2, you can now deploy up to 64 TiB storage capacity, 80,000 IOPS and 1,200 MBPS throughput on a single hard drive. With best-in-class IOPS and bandwidth, Premium SSD v2 offers the best flexible and scalable General-purpose block storage in the cloud to meet the ever-growing demands of your production workloads, e.g. B. SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, SAP, Cassandra, Mongo DB, Big Data, analytics, games, on virtual machines, or stateful containers. Additionally, Premium SSD v2 allows you to deploy granular disk sizes, IOPS, and throughput independently based on your workload needs and gives you more flexibility to manage performance and costs.

With the introduction of Premium SSD v2, our Azure Disk Storage portfolio now includes one of the most comprehensive offerings of disk storage to meet workloads ranging from Tier 1 IOPS-intensive workloads like SAP HANA to general-purpose workloads like RDMS and NoSQL – Database rich and cost sensitive dev/test workloads.

Benefits of Premium SSD v2

When customers move their production workloads to the cloud or deploy new cloud-native applications, the balance between performance and cost is paramount. For example, transaction-intensive database workloads may require high IOPS on a small disk size, or a gaming application may require very high IOPS during peak periods. Likewise, big data applications such as Cloudera/Hadoop can require very high throughput at low cost. Therefore, customers need the flexibility to scale their IOPS and throughput regardless of disk size. With Premium SSD v2, you can fine-tune disk performance to meet your workload demands or seasonal needs without having to provision additional storage capacity.

With Premium SSD v2, you can also provision storage capacity from 1 GiB up to 64 TiB in GiB increments. All Premium SSD v2 disks offer a base performance of 3,000 IOPS and 125 MB/s. If your disk requires higher performance, you can provide the required IOPS and throughput at a low cost, up to the maximum limits shown below. You can dynamically scale IOPS and throughput up or down as needed without downtime, allowing you to cost-effectively manage disk performance while avoiding the maintenance overhead of striping multiple disks to get more performance. Summary of the main advantages:

  • Granular disk size in 1 GiB increments.
  • Independent provisioning of IOPS, throughput and GiB.
  • Consistent latency of less than a millisecond.
  • Easier maintenance by scaling performance up and down with no downtime.

Premium SSD v2, like all other Azure Disk Storage offerings, offers our industry-leading data durability and high availability with general availability.

Below is a summary comparing Premium SSD v2 to the current Premium SSD and Ultra Disk.

Ultra hard drive

Premium SSD v2

Premium SSD

disk size

4 GiB – 64 TiB

1 GiB – 64 TiB

4 GiB – 32 TiB

Baseline IOPS

Varies depending on disk size

3,000 IOPS free

Varies depending on disk size

base throughput

Varies depending on disk size

125MBPS free

Varies depending on disk size


160,000 IOPS

80,000 IOPS

20,000 IOPS

peak throughput

4,000 Mbps

1,200 Mbps



99.999999999% durability

(~0% annual failure rate)

99.999999999% durability

(~0% annual failure rate)

99.999999999% durability

(~0% annual failure rate)

Supported Azure virtual machines

Premium SSD v2 can be used with any premium storage that is enabled Virtual machine sizes This allows you to take advantage of a variety of virtual machine sizes. Currently, Premium SSD v2 can only be used as a disk. Premium SSDs and Standard SSDs can be used as OS disks for virtual machines that use Premium SSD v2 data disks.


Premium SSD v2 disks are billed hourly based on provisioned capacity, IOPS, and MBPS. Let’s take an example of a disk you provision with 100 GiB capacity, 5000 IOPS, and 150 MB/s throughput.

  • Disks are billed per GiB of provisioned capacity. Therefore, you are billed for 100 GiB of provisioned capacity.
  • Disks are billed for any additional IOPS provisioned beyond the 3,000 IOPS free baseline. In this case, since you provisioned 5,000 IOPS, you will be billed for the additional 2,000 IOPS.
  • Disks are billed for any additional throughput over the free base throughput of 125 MB/s. In this case, since you provisioned 150 MB/s of throughput, you will be billed for the additional 25 MB/s of throughput.

You can find out more on the Azure Managed Disks pricing page.


Premium SSD v2 is currently available in preview in select regions. If you are interested in participating in the preview, you can do so request access to start. Once you’ve signed up for the preview program, you can create and manage Premium SSD v2 through the Azure portal, PowerShell, and CLI SDKs. You can refer to the Premium SSD v2 documentation to learn more.

We are looking forward to your feedback. Please email us by asking.


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