AWS sent a snowcone into space – TechCrunch


At its re:Mars conference today, Amazon announced it had quietly shipped one of its own AWS Snowcone Edge computing and storage devices into space on the Axiom mission to the International Space Station.

For the most part, it was an off-the-shelf Snowcone that AWS had already built to be tough enough to be shipped by UPS, although the company had to conduct months of testing to get it certified for that flight.

“When she think around deployment Cloud calculate to the edge, in Remote control, Cut, robust environmentsafter 35 Years in the place industry — there is no more harsh, remote control or robust vicinity or unforgiving, quite outright, as the place Environment,” said Clint Crosier, AWS director of aerospace and satellite and a retired United States Air Force major general who helped found the US Space Force before retiring and then joined AWS last year. “WWith place a $425 billion global Industry today is that projected to be a $1 trillion Source link

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