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Amazon web services (AWS), in partnership with a space investment firm, has selected a number of space startups for a new program called the AWS Space Accelerator Seraphim. The selected companies encompass a wide range of space capabilities: Cognitive space, D-Bahn, Descartes laboratories, Edgybees, Hawkeye 360, LeoLabs, Lunar outpost, Orbital sidekick, Satellite VU, and Ursa room.

The AWS Space Accelerator is a four-week business support program that provides AWS cloud and technical training to accelerate research, development, and growth with AWS. The program also includes up to $ 100,000 in credit for AWS Activate, an Amazon program for startups.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels wrote in a Blog post on the program that the companies were selected from more than 190 proposals from 44 countries.

Three of the startups – Cognitive Space, D-Orbit and Leolabs – deal with space traffic management and …

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