Three Amazon data centers are under development in Texas, suggesting a new cloud region might be on the way.

The facilities were published in a series of planning documents under the project name “Rockfish”.

Amazon acquired the industrial part of a southeastern location in San Antiono from the local development company Bitterblue as Rockfish in October 2020. This is evident from a deed filed with Bexar County. The company plans to build a 10,100-square-foot data center on Old Corpus Christi Highway 11625, due for completion in late 2021.

In addition to the Corpus Christi Highway, AWS has submitted other construction projects in the San Antonio area under the name “AWS Rockfish”. The company has a 109,600 square foot (“Core and Shell (Warehouse) for Future Data Center Fit-Out-Out”) project at 7400 Potranco Road, TX 78251 at a cost of $ 31 million as well on another new build and new build project covering 109,600 square feet. from a data center ā€project in TX-211 & Potranco Road, TX 78245, …

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